This Tuesday is Different, It’s The Day We Fight Back Against the NSA

This Tuesday is Different, It’s The Day We Fight Back Against the NSA

February 11th, it may seem like just another Tuesday, but it isn’t. Every day the NSA collects and compiles the digital pieces of our lives. Gather enough dots and these dots connect to show the outlines of your life. Would you share your credit card bills or all your emails in the past five years with a stranger at the grocery store? No, you wouldn’t. There’s no excuse for the NSA or any government agency to intrude into our lives in the name of national security. The Day We Fight Back isn’t just another day. It’s a protest against mass surveillance.

So What Exactly is Behind The Day We Fight Back?

“Two years ago, major websites like Google, Reddit and Wikipedia went dark for a day,” writes Dan Gillmor of The Guardian. “They were protesting the then-pending “Stop Online Piracy Act” … The 18 January 2012 blackout created an outpouring of opposition from average Americans who suddenly realized what was at stake, and Congress backed off a bill that almost certainly would have passed otherwise.”

This time, there are no blackouts, but once again online communities and websites are rallying together in protest.

According to The Examiner, “an estimated 5,000 American websites, including the Libertarian Party’s national website, will host banners urging people to call or email Congress to stop the Obama administration from spying on Americans.”

What’s the Focus for this Online Protest?

Two bills sit at the center of The Day We Fight Back: the USA Freedom Act and the FISA Improvements Act. In short, support the former, stop the latter.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Bills?

The USA Freedom Act limits the NSA’s powers and enacts reforms that Obama himself supported in his speech on NSA reforms.

The FISA Improvements Act, on the other hand, supports the NSA and even turns the NSA’s controversial collection of phone data into law.

How Do You Get Involved in The Day We Fight Back?

When you read this, maybe it’s not Tuesday or February 11th anymore. Regardless, the key point here is to call or email Congress to support the USA Freedom Act. Don’t worry about calling up Rand Paul though because he’s already on board. He’s supporting The Day We Fight Back. You can also join his class action suit against the NSA.


So who is “watching the watchers”? You are. We are. Spread the message by sharing this post. Join us on Facebook and start a revolution for a better, for a more transparent government.

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