To Minnesota Students: ‘You Can’t Have Lower Taxes If You Want Free Stuff’

To Minnesota Students: ‘You Can’t Have Lower Taxes If You Want Free Stuff’

Paul spoke Monday with University of Minnesota students before the Milwaukee GOP debate.

It was a chance for Paul to bring his message directly to Minnesota students during his first campaign visit to the state. He spoke of issues important to students: social liberty, fixing the nation’s criminal justice system, student debt and their future opportunities.

He also addressed another item important to young people: foreign policy. This might not seem intuitively up there in importance, but just consider who makes up the majority of our armed forces – young people. For his part, Paul has been a staunch supporter of pulling back our armed forces from overseas conflicts which do not directly threaten our nation. In a time when even the National Guard frequently has seen itself half a planet away, this is a refreshing concept.

Speaking to the crowd, he reminded the audience that current fighting in Iraq can be traced to military action authorized after September 11th, 2001:

“Should we be at perpetual war without the representatives ever voting? . . . You know what they say is the justification for it? A vote that your representatives took really when most of you guys were just little kids.” (Duluth News Tribune)

Of course, central to Paul’s speech was his vision of smaller government and less spending:

“I want government that’s so small I can barely see it.” (Star Tribune)

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This time though the message was tailored in a way a student audience could understand. He reminded students they could be living with a government debt burden for the rest of their lives.

As to people like Bernie Sanders offering free education, Paul noted honestly:

“You can’t have lower taxes if you want free stuff. . . So if you want Uncle Bernie to pay for your education, you can’t have a 35 percent business tax. You really need a 70 percent business tax.” (WDIO – ABC)

Frankly, Paul resonated well with the students. He successfully laid out both a vision for the future and the problems facing our country – both in terms that made the issues personal to young voters. He also introduced concepts lacking from politics – compromise and pragmatism. We have essential things to fund such as the military and social security. At the same time everyone benefits from smaller, cheaper government and lower taxes. Paul’s vision is to meet those essential demands while being fiscally responsible and taking the minimum amount necessary from tax payers to cover the bills. That’s something every student trying to budget can understand.

Paul’s multiple visits with University of Minnesota students gave him a critical chance to connect with young voters and show them a candidate who would address their concerns. Are you in college and think Paul is the best conservative voice for you? Let us know on Twitter. and follow us on Facebook to keep up with Paul’s campaign.

Written by Mark Davis; Edited by Staff



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