A First Tier Campaign Means Playing By Your Own Rules

A First Tier Campaign Means Playing By Your Own Rules

Rand Paul refuses to back down from Fox Business attempting to relegate his campaign to second stage status. Insisting that he runs a “first tier campaign”, Senator Paul will skip the Fox debate entirely rather than take second billing.

Without a doubt, Rand has shook up the GOP and their debates for some time, certainly earning him the right to continue going head to head with the big boys and the big hair on the Fox Business Network’s Republican debate.

What does this mean for Paul’s campaign? Well it could mean that he’s running out of steam and will slip into the background. Or it means that the debates are pretty much rigged for ratings and mean very little, or it could mean that Senator Paul did his job and kicked the GOP squarely between the legs and gave them a screaming wakeup call for reality.

From the beginning, Rand Paul has fought for liberty, freedom and the fading ideals of the Founders. He has spoken hard truths and unpopular opinions, and he has sought reconciliation and balance between the bitter hardline conservatives that are ruining the GOP, and the fresh blood that wants in so badly and can reform what it means to be conservative in America.

He pissed off Trump and Cruz took such a shine to Paul’s ideas that he started reaching out to that same demographic of modern, liberty loving conservatives and libertarians. From that perspective, we can truly say Rand Paul has forced the GOP to listen to him, and to adopt his ideas. He is popular enough and speaks truth enough to become a threat to the business as usual crowd. He’s set a new bar for actually living up to high minded Republican ideals, and no matter what the 2016 election will reflect Rand Paul and Rand Paul’s thinking.

A first tier campaign is not bound by a TV network’s debate schedule, nor does it depend on outside media telling people who is and isn’t a viable candidate. A first tier candidate makes their own waves, and forces others to take notice and adapt to those waves. Rand Paul didn’t just relight the lamp of liberty, he hooked it up to a massive dynamo and made it brighter than ever. One ignores that light at their own peril. People have seen it, people flock to it, and people demand that light be shined everywhere in the United States. Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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