You’ll Never Guess Who Is Defending Rand Paul

You’ll Never Guess Who Is Defending Rand Paul

This is a couple weeks old, but it’s a goodie so stick with me.

You won’t often see openly-liberal politicians or talking heads commend Rand Paul. But two big names  (both associated with the left more than anything else) both came out in support of the Kentucky Sen. on a Friday night just a couple days into August.

Who was it? Barney Frank and Bill Maher.

What??!! Yes, the openly-gay Sen. from Massachusetts and the talk show host who gave $1 million to the 2012 Obama campaign both defended Rand Paul’s views during Maher’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” HBO program.

It’s true, I swear. Watch the video at the end of this article if you don’t believe me. (Quick note: Seeing as how it’s an HBO show, there are a few curse words sprinkled throughout, but nothing out of place in a PG-13 movie).

Right away, Maher jumps into the Chris Christie-Rand Paul back-and-forth from around that time, and he frames it as a “right for the soul of the Republican party, where they’re going to go.” On one side you’ve got Paul, the new-wave libertarian who believes in less government spying and civil liberties. And on the other, Christie, who as Maher puts it is one of the “neocons.”

Also on the panel: Josh Barro, political editor for Business Insider; and Alexis Goldstein of And guess what? Aside from a few pretty small jabs at Paul and the Republican party, everyone comes down on Paul’s side philosophically. On a panel with Barney Frank and Bill Maher.

Frank also gets in a good, self-deprecating joke around the 2:55 mark, saying he has a “soft spot” for Christie” as he has an interest in “rude, fat guys doing well in politics.” Then after a comment on Christie’s gay rights stance (which he is against), goes on to say, “On the issue of national security, Rand Paul is right.”

At about the 4:30 mark, the conversation shifts away from Paul and Christie, and to questions about abolishing the Department of Homeland Security (one of the “monstrosities” that came out of 9/11 as Maher puts it). But the first 4:30 is a good watch, even though it is from a couple weeks ago.


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