You Will Never Guess Who Won CPAC 2014

You Will Never Guess Who Won CPAC 2014

Ok, so maybe you COULD guess.  It was announced on Saturday March 8 that Rand Paul won the Straw Poll that is held each year during the Conservative Political Action Conference.


Out of 25 options on the question ‘Who would you prefer at the next GOP Presidential nominee?’ 31% of participants voted for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  For the Second CPAC in a row.  Rand Paul was followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz at 11% (a 20% gap between 1st place and 2nd), then tied for 3rd place are both Neurosurgeon Ben Carson and ‘Other’ with 9%.  Each person represented in the Other category scored below 1% including several of the given options as well as all the write-ins.


Out of the 2,459 people that participated in the straw poll, out of at least 1 respondent from all 50 of the states, of only citizens registered and able to vote they clearly voted in Rand Paul’s Favor.


What is interesting this year is that 42% of participants were students.  As well as 46% of the participants were between the ages of 18-25.  That is a clear majority of participants that often vote Democrat.


Does this indicate a new revolution of young conservatives?  Does the large gap between the popularity for Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz indicate that Sen. Paul can rest on his laurels?  Watch the video below and let us now in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.


Watch the video here:
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