You Have a Right to Bear Arms

You Have a Right to Bear Arms

There may come a day when your only way to protect yourself or those you love depends upon the Second Amendment: your right to have a gun. Unfortunately the mainstream media often fails to publish the many accounts of honest citizens warding off offenders, like 71-year old Samuel Williams—a concealed gun carrier—who held off two armed intruders from an internet cafe. Or what about the 12-year old Bryan County, Oklahoma girl who was able to protect her young, fragile life when an intruder kicked in her back door, entered her house and was about to grab her.

This week Sen. Rand Paul reached out to his constituents with a clear reminder:

You have a right to bear arms. With everything else going on, don’t forget that.

In an e-mail sent to supporters, Paul brings up an important point that can be easily lost in the discussion over health care and the economy. Both President Obama and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have said that a gun control bill will be back on the agenda.

Paul asks you to sign a petition which will be delivered to your Senator’s Capitol Hill offices by RAND2016. As Rand states:

“I urge you to vote AGAINST ANY further infringements on our Second Amendment rights.”

Paul expands on this in his e-mail:

“You see, they haven’t forgotten their desire to restrict our Second Amendment rights. I promise to continue to stand and fight for your right to keep and bear arms. But with so much at stake, I’m not taking anything for granted…As you’ll see, the Defend Liberty Mandate urges your U.S. senators to vote no on the new anti-gun assaults both President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid say WILL come before Congress.”

Rand has been very clear on his belief in the second amendment and has vowed a number of times to fight any attempts to infringe upon that right. And, as he explains later in the e-mail, he would like your help.

 “I’m going to continue fighting back with everything I have,” he writes. “But I’m counting on you to stand with me. Nothing I do will make any difference unless good folks like you contact your elected representatives. When my colleagues start hearing from the folks back home, they start to listen.”

Sign Paul’s Defend Liberty Mandate by clicking here. You may also make a donation to the cause at the same site.

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