Would UK Exit From The European Union Better Fight Terrorism?

Would UK Exit From The European Union Better Fight Terrorism?

Should the UK exit the European Union? Rand Paul thinks so, calling their entry into what had been touted as a grand European experiment in combining shared interests, “a mistake.” Make no bones about it, the EU isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, as witnessed by their inability to deal with rising Islamic terrorism and an unstoppable wave of Syrian refugees.

But what would a UK exit from the European Union mean? Well it would mean for one, that England would be once again free to more broadly determine its foreign policy, and it would also allow more free reign on dealing with terrorism.

After two horrible world wars, Europe was desperate for anything to keep real, and lasting peace. The idea of various economic unions was floated, and in the end, we got the EU. Sharing a common currency, allowing relatively unimpeded trade and travel, it looks pretty good on paper, but as each nation retains its own internal sovereignty, Europe is starting to figure out what the United States has already learned from its brief experiment with the Articles of Confederation.

A weak union of disparate states with their own agendas and a ineffective central government suck.
While the 13 American states had good reason and a shared culture, which allowed them to form a stronger central government via the Constitution we all love and enjoy, Europe lacks that. It is a continent full of very old nation states, and none of them would be wise to give up their national identity to become a mere state in a strong central European government, and it is for that reason, why the EU will ultimately be doomed to fail, and why England needs out before it gets worse.

The rising tide of Islamic terrorism, an unstoppable crunch of refugees, and Europe wide policy that individual members have to fight against when it is a poor fit for their situation, will create a never ending stream of disasters, as the enemies of civilization continue to take advantage of a disorganized Europe.

If we have a UK exit from the European Union, we might be able to look forward to a strong Europe again, as other nations follow the lead of England, and once again chart their own course. It is the 21st Century, Europe has matured into a number of stable democracies and are highly unlikely to ever wage war with themselves again. It’s time for England to leave the EU and fight terror in their own way. Share your thoughts on a possible UK exit of the EU with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Yukiko Matsuoka, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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