Worried About Country’s Future, Paul Proposes Responsible Reforms

Worried About Country’s Future, Paul Proposes Responsible Reforms

The United States is spending more money than it’s earning. It’s been doing so for quite a long time now, and things are getting dire. At some point, you have to think about the future of the country.

Part of securing safety and prosperity in the coming years is settling the massive financial crisis that has threatened or triggered multiple government shut downs within months of one another.

So Rand Paul has a plan. The junior Senator from Kentucky has made it clear that how things were done in Washington D.C. aren’t sustainable. But it’s not just the people – changes need to be made to the structure. The system isn’t set up to handle how big everything has gotten.

So as Paul suggested, maybe we need to make fundamental changes.

Jacob Fischler of Buzzfeed had this to say about Paul’s comments during the fall 2013 shutdown:

“Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday that Republicans [should make] raising the Social Security retirement a condition of raising the debt ceiling, adding a new twist to the high-wire negotiations over re-opening the federal government and avoiding default.

‘I am worried about a government that borrows over a million dollars every minute. And so I think there needs to be some structural reform of our spending or we shouldn’t raise the debt ceiling,’ Paul told WABC’s Aaron Klein in an interview airing Sunday night, and shared with BuzzFeed.”

The increase to the social security age minimum wouldn’t be a sudden jump. Instead, Paul suggested raising the social security age by a few months every year. The younger you are, the slightly higher it will climb. Which is a sensible outcome if you take into account medical advancements and better technology adding years to peoples’ lives.

Paul’s idea – one of a number of suggestions the Constitutionalist has put out there to end the government shutdown – came days before Congress needed to decide on the debt ceiling. If they don’t agree to raise the country’s debt limit, the U.S. could default on its loans, say Democrats. Republicans like Paul respond by reminding them that the country has enough money – stop spending it on other trivial items and there will be enough to make the monthly debt payment. It’s pretty simple math.

But even beyond that, the course the U.S. is on isn’t sustainable. Things like social security will have to get looked at some point soon. Might as well start the discussion now.



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