Working for an American Leader: Behind the Scenes in the Senator’s Office

Working for an American Leader: Behind the Scenes in the Senator’s Office

What it is like behind the scenes of the Rand Paul movement? Josh Jones of Stanford University shares his insider’s account of his experience working as an intern for the Kentucky Senator on The Stanford Review.

His unique fly-on-the-wall account of working for a defender of liberty reinforces Paul’s authenticity as Jones recounts that what happens behind the scenes matches the discourse and character on show to the American people.

“While there are always a few trusted friends on hand, make no mistake about it—Rand Paul calls his own shots,” writes Jones on The Stanford Review. “Love him or hate him, agree or disagree, the man’s opinions are his own, and he isn’t afraid to disagree with prominent staff members if he believes it’s the right thing to do. “

Like many Rand Paul supporters, Jones reports that the intern team of six selected by Senator Paul’s office was composed of young people energized by the message of liberty that Paul is bringing to people across the nation.

The young man from Stanford writes that he “had anticipated an army of elderly, gray-haired advisers constantly reminding the Senator what he was and wasn’t allowed to say or do. While that may be true of other offices on Capitol Hill, nothing could be further from the truth in the office of Senator Paul.”

Instead, the interns were passionate, driven, and young, and committed to helping Paul serve the people of Kentucky.

Josh had a front row seat to the machinations of the Democrats as they used every trick in the book to avoid governing. He recalls that Paul introduced half a dozen bills aimed at reforming the criminal justice system during his short summer internship alone but that “Harry Reid, determined to avoid difficult votes before the upcoming midterm elections and none too keen to allow a Republican to demonstrate the ability to govern, never allowed them to be brought up for a vote.”

Paul kept his interns busy and motivated throughout their stay in the nation’s capital, something rare among Congressional interns if blogs and news reports out of D.C. are to be believed. Paul’s interns are unlikely to join the ranks of those featured in the cringe-worthy reports on the DC Interns blog or outed as a ‘slacker intern’ on the Washington Post’s Campus Overload blog.

Instead, interns in the Paul office emulate their boss and emerge from their behind the scenes experience more motivated than ever. Reflecting on his internship experience Jones concludes:

“I remain convinced of the ability of informed and persistent individuals to band together and enact lasting change.”

On this point the intern is surely correct and as Paul supporters continue to grow in number and work together to take the country back for freedom and liberty, the closer to real lasting change we are. Would you like more behind the scenes news on Rand Paul? Follow our Facebook page and bookmark this site for more updates!

Written by Dylan Kissane



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