Without Rand Paul’s Tough Questions, The GOP Race Lacks Substance

Without Rand Paul’s Tough Questions, The GOP Race Lacks Substance

Imagine a world without Rand Paul. Scary huh? Who would ask the tough questions? Who would say the really hard things? Not the so-called hard things Trump likes to say, but the real hard things. The hard things like asking about the NSA, and fiscal responsibility, or the overreaching power of government.

Unfortunately, we now have that answer, at least to a degree. Without Rand Paul asking tough questions and keeping GOP presidential candidates honest, or at least forcing them to have uncomfortable moments, we now see an element of the Republican Party without their conscience.

Saying Paul’s absence “will make the campaign a lot less interesting”, the LA Times gives a long litany of how Senator Paul kept the GOP presidential campaign on an even keel. Citing his position on taxes, foreign policy and Social Security, we see a picture of a man respected for taking a rational stance in the face of irrational stances by the party elite.

We have long discussed how Rand Paul is the anti establishment candidate. A true voice of the people, who calls it like he sees it, and is honest about the miserable state of both the GOP and of government in general. While people like Cruz and Trump will say whatever stupid thing that pops into their head in hopes of getting support with edgy hardline ideas, Paul speaks from the heart and to Americans.

What this means is now that the GOP has lost its moral rudder, it will start going adrift. In a race where people can casually discuss nuking the Middle East as if it was a trip to the grocery store, we can expect more of that sort of world scaring bluff and bluster. Expect to see more warmongering, more insane saber rattling, more racist nationalism, and more big government appeasement.

Rand Paul asked the tough questions, and demanded tough answers. Rand Paul refused to give in to the fearful, out of touch GOP willing to sell our American birthright away for the dubious security of an ever growing and out of control government. Rand Paul demands that the default standard by which government actions are judged by is not security, or profit, or big business, but rather the quaint notion of liberty and freedom. The Republican presidential campaign is reduced to big government talking heads and freakish nationalists with nobody to keep them in check. And that is a loss to all of America. Did Rand Paul keep the GOP honest? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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