Will Eye Surgery in Haiti Cost Paul Valuable Campaign Time?

Will Eye Surgery in Haiti Cost Paul Valuable Campaign Time?

While other Republican candidates are out on the campaign trail trying to outdo each other with big government conservatism, Rand Paul is performing free eye surgery in Haiti. An annual tradition performed over the summer Senate recess, Rand Paul has visited desperately poor nations to provide life changing eye surgery.

By performing free eye surgery in Haiti, Paul reveals both the depths of his own character and humanity, but also what he considers most important in his life. Campaigning for the GOP nomination is taking second stage to life changing eye surgery for some of the most poor in the northern hemisphere.

We take cataract surgery for granted in the U.S.; it is a simple procedure, and readily available. In impoverished nations, not being able to access this procedure damns a person to a lifetime of degrading vision and blindness. It is the height of compassion and decency to put aside other matters and perform pro bono eye surgery for those who would never be able to access such a thing.

Senator Paul is a trained physician, something that is often overlooked by his critics. Perhaps more than most professions, doctors see human suffering at its worse, and are in a unique position to not only influence the life of another, but to see how those changed lives influence society as a whole.

This physician’s outlook guides Paul’s campaign and drives his outlook on things. Personal freedom and responsibility, free of the oversight of a lumbering behemoth of a government are the cornerstone of his personal and political ideals. But he too is selfless in his willingness to help his fellow man and give a helping hand up to suffering people.

Free eye surgery in Haiti may not seem like a big deal, or it may seem like a campaign stunt, but the fact remains it is in fact both a big deal and only a stunt to those who wish to undermine Paul’s character. Of all the potential candidates from both major parties, how many take time out of their professional and personal life to reach out to some of the most desperate people on the planet? Can you see Hillary or Trump actually doing anything other than launching drone strikes against a poor nation? Rand Paul is a quietly dignified man whose accomplishments speak loud so he doesn’t have to. What do you think? Is Paul’s Haiti trip just a stunt? Or does he have a greater depth of character than the average politician. Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

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