Will Concealed Carry In Washington D.C. Help Prevent Terrorist Strikes?

Will Concealed Carry In Washington D.C. Help Prevent Terrorist Strikes?

While concealed carry in Washington D.C. gained major headway in the famous D.C. vs Heller case which also famously established once and for all that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, actually getting a concealed carry permit has been nearly impossible in the seat of our nation’s government. A recalcitrant city council and an elitist police chief conspired to create the legal fiction that concealed carry permits could be acquired in the city, but the reality is that they are precious few and far between.

And while many states will accept permits issued by other states, concealed carry in Washington D.C. requires an impossible to get in city permit, and continues to deny millions of law abiding Americans the right to carry a concealed handgun in their own capital. Rand Paul wants to change all this.

The aptly named “Defend Our Capital Act” would require D.C. to issue permits to all qualified persons, accept any concealed pistol permit as valid, remove the oppressive laws regulating the sale and possession of guns and ammo and in essence, normalize the city with this sometimes seemingly crazy concepts of “civil rights” and “freedom”.

The noted gun rights activist John Lott noted that terrorists enjoy soft targets.

“You can calculate your odds of being a terrorist target not only by where you live, but by how strict gun control is where you live.

By this calculation, Lott says, your risk of being a terrorist target is greater in places with tight gun control: places like Paris, like New York, and like Washington, D.C.

After all, Lott said, a terrorist would be using the same criteria a criminal or lunatic would use in targeting defenseless victims, always seeking “soft” populations legally unarmed and easily ambushed for their slaughtering pleasure.” (OutdoorLife)

Meanwhile, in King County, Washington, the sheriff there has made it clear that he thinks armed off duty deputies and armed citizens are a key frontline defense against terrorism. Rand Paul wants to extend that common sense protection to residents and visitors of Washington D.C. It is strangely ironic that in a nation that has a clear cut right to keep and bear arms strips those in its capital of that right. Big government fears the loss of control of armed citizens, and it cannot comprehend the idea that people by and large are responsible with guns. They believe in the fallacy of heavy handed control and strict regulation, and pretend that it will end crime.

Rand Paul wants to bring concealed carry to Washington D.C. Rand Paul knows that it is the birthright of Americans to bear arms for their defense and defense of their nation. Rand Paul is ready to restore that which has long been denied some of the most vulnerable people in the entire nation, and to show the nation and the world, that a nation of free people has nothing to fear from an armed public, even among those who govern it. Is it time to lift the tyrannical restrictions on guns in D.C.? Can an armed populace prove to be a check against terrorism? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of wiz722, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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