Will A Brokered GOP Convention Doom The Party?

Will A Brokered GOP Convention Doom The Party?

The possibility of a brokered GOP convention is looming large, and the fact that this has become a topic of discussion also underlies the real problems with some of the current GOP frontrunners. Dangerous nationalists like Trump with their jingoistic message and appeal to the lowest common savage denominator of American conservatism threaten to derail the nomination process by dividing too many viable candidates among too few delegates.

A brokered GOP convention, one where no candidate enters the convention with a majority vote of delegates, would require careful internal politicking and deal making and even opens the door to a dark horse candidate like Rand Paul suddenly becoming the new frontrunner.

Ideally, a brokered convention won’t happen. They are messy and are not always good at creating winners. In fact the last time a brokered convention created a winning candidate was in 1932 for FDR. That’s a pretty bad track record for brokered conventions, especially since the Democrats are likely to produce a strongly backed candidate, likely in the form of Clinton 2.0.

What we must do to prevent further fracturing the GOP is to first minimize the most dangerous contender in the form of Trump. Enough negative things cannot be said about him. His message is insane, his methods out of touch, his ideals unamerican, and his ability to whip up masses with hardline messages disturbing. In a sense, he is a reflection of the bitter divide that exists in American politics right now, but it is the duty of the GOP to heal that divide and present a real world candidate, not some sort of dystopian nightmare candidate.

If Rand Paul cannot be the frontrunner, we must at least fight to ensure that other dangerous contenders like Trump or Carson are not. The U.S. does not need a presidential candidate who cannot distinguish between religious dogma and historical fact, or who wages cultural warfare on people based on their religion or national origin.

A brokered GOP convention may elevate Rand Paul to the nomination, or it may only cement the disturbing power Trump has over the GOP electorate. At the moment, the party is chaotic. Not only has the GOP failed to produce a presidential winner in eight years, it’s failed to purge its ranks of the bitter old neocons that are damning it to obscurity. Now is the best time ever for a GOP reboot, and we badly need it before things get any worse. Share your thoughts with us on what might happen on Twitter or on Facebook.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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