Will A Brokered Convention Shatter The GOP?

Will A Brokered Convention Shatter The GOP?

A brokered convention could spell the end of Trump’s presidential bid, but it could also doom the GOP to another lost presidential race. As we start looking forward to the July GOP convention, a very scary reality looms.

If Trump does not have enough delegates to win the nomination on entry, it may be possible to have a brokered convention, whereby backroom negotiations and multiple votes are required to select a presidential candidate.

Rand Paul has gone on record saying a brokered convention would “destroy the party”, and there is a pretty good chance he is right. Historically, candidates chosen in a brokered convention have a dismal track record, which can be expected. When your party is so divided that there is no clear mandate, picking one through a brokered convention doesn’t make it much better.

Right now, Trump has a commanding lead, but it may not be enough to cement the nomination. If that happens, and we get a brokered convention, all hell could break loose, as his unpopularity within the GOP mainstream creates a scramble to nominate and back almost any other person; even somebody not currently on the ticket. This is the sort of disaster that could hand the Democrats the White House for another four years.

Rand Paul is right to be worried about a brokered convention. It would shatter the party, create an even more divisive atmosphere than exists now, and could even result in some unknown dark horse being drug out to run against a well heeled, well known Democrat. Do we want Trump as the GOP nominee? Of course not, but we don’t want his bullheaded campaign tearing the party apart either. The reality is we must work hard to avoid a brokered convention at all costs.

If Trump cannot take the nomination on the first vote, the GOP must be ready to present an alternative and quickly, which means rallying behind another candidate as soon as the delegates are free to vote for whom they like. This will protect the GOP from a brokered convention and could possibly put a palatable candidate on the ticket to run against whichever big government monster the Dems run. The next few months are crucial to the health of the GOP and of liberty in general, and we have to hope that the GOP is prepared to take the needed steps to protect the integrity of the party. America is counting on it. Share your thoughts on the upcoming GOP convention with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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