Why The NSA Reform Bill Failed (It Didn’t Go Far Enough)

Why The NSA Reform Bill Failed (It Didn’t Go Far Enough)

Why did Sen. Rand Paul oppose the NSA reform bill on Tuesday? Some sources may paint Paul as a supporter of the NSA but that is definitely not the case.

Paul stated that he strongly opposed the NSA reform bill because it would extend the Patriot Act, one of the most invasive actions ever taken by the government towards U.S. citizens. This bill would be one example of a compromise by the government, but it’s not enough. By voting against this watered down solution, it is better to wait until legislation can be passed that will allow Americans to feel safe from their government again.

CNN reports that the NSA reform bill is properly known as the USA Freedom Act:

“Proposed by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, the bill bans bulk collection of Americans’ phone records by placing narrower limitations on government searches. The legislation also extends the Patriot Act’s sunset from June 2015 to December 2017.”

That last bit is the problem.

Paul supports reducing government’s involvement in the lives of the American people. He admitted that this bill was probably the closest that NSA reform will get in a while but he just couldn’t support allowing the NSA to extend its phone tappings by three more years.

In today’s society, you can’t do anything without the government being able to tap your phone or spy on your personal computer. Searching for the wrong words too many times could land you on the government watch list. This is what Paul is against.

Rand Paul has been helping protect America’s freedom for years and he vows to continue doing so. Votes like these are hard. Being the libertarian leader for the Republican Party, Paul has stood out as a middle ground between sound thinking and the majority of the Republican platform. The hope is that this NSA reform bill will be revised and become more inclusive to help shut down all or most government surveillance and restore privacy and peace of mind to American citizens.

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