Why Support Trump? That’s A Damn Good Question

Why Support Trump? That’s A Damn Good Question

Why support Trump? Ron Paul certainly isn’t, saying he “wouldn’t support Trump” as a GOP presidential candidate. So we have to ask ourselves, just who is supporting Trump, and why?

It is a curious question really. “Why support Trump?” There is an easy answer and there is a pathetic and sad answer. Ron Paul has correctly pointed out that Trump plays to fear and offers little substance, and in a nutshell that is the sum total of his campaign.


WATCH: Trump Plays With Voters’ Fear, Says Ron Paul


Fear is a good way to appeal to people, especially when they are confused or feel they don’t have a voice. After nearly eight years of an Obama presidency where Obama floundered around, and Congress stonewalled everything that came their way, it’s no wonder many Americans feel like they have no voice or power. Eight years of obstructionism and presidential ignorance is enough to drive anyone batty, and we may even go back a few years more and wonder just how well the Bush administration was running things.

The GOP has become the party of obstruction, of hyper conservatism, all of which combine to create a horrid feedback loop where its members feel like they are being marginalized. And the truth is, they marginalized themselves by refusing to support individual liberty, personal freedom and small government. So along comes Trump and tells what amounts to a bunch of fearful, out of touch and self marginalized white guys exactly what they want to hear.

Scared, ignorant people want to hear that it’s somebody else’s fault. Ideally somebody who isn’t like them. So Trump drags his knuckles on the ground, and grunts about immigrants, Muslims, the inner cities, and whatever boogeyman of the week is popular on the lower grade of AM talk radio. He appeals to the violent, warmongering nature of the fearful, and promises to be brutal and harsh on the imaginary threats that constantly lurk in their scared minds.

Why support Trump? The answer is to side with Rand Paul and to refuse to do so. Trump is bad for America, and his ideas are bad for the GOP. We need forward thinking, liberty minded people in the White House, not grunting savages with bad hair threatening to nuke impoverished nations halfway around the globe, or dancing in horrid delight at the thought of bullying people around just to feel strong. Ron Paul opposes Trump. Rand Paul opposes Trump. You too, should oppose Trump. Share your thoughts about this with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman



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