Why Rick Perry Fears Rand Paul

Why Rick Perry Fears Rand Paul

Before Rand Paul was a Senator, the establishment was against him and what happened? He beat them. Now we have Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. John McCain, and former VP Dick Cheney all with Sen. Rand Paul in the cross-hairs. That says something significant about how influential the old guard thinks Paul is becoming. As Politico points out, “second-tier presidential hopefuls don’t usually get shouted down this way.”

Rick Perry might be striking out at Rand’s foreign policy but what hawks really fear, says Kellyanne Conway, Republican pollster, on NewsmaxTV’s “MidPoint”, is not that. It’s that the public is siding with Rand Paul, not them.

Paul is the one who is really tuning into what’s becoming the growing foreign policy consensus of America…as well as potentially other Republicans.

“We’re tired of our sons and daughters dying for people who don’t care about us, for causes that turn out to be mistakes, and for nations that descend right back into chaos when we leave. Rand Paul understands this monumental shift in American attitudes…” (United Liberty)

There’s a fear, says Elliott Abrams, a former national security adviser for the George W. Bush administration, that “you’re going to see a million stories saying the Republican Party is divided between two views — the Rand Paul view and the other view — as if it were a 50-50 thing, rather than Paul being isolated on the fringe.”

Rand Paul on the fringe? That’s what hawks like to think. It’s really those like Rick Perry, McCain, and Cheney who are marginalized, writes Matthew DesOrmeaux on United Liberty.

I’ll end with this final comment from Conway on NewsmaxTV’s “MidPoint”. (Watch the video below for more.)

“The Republican Party too often talks about this silly electability: ‘Who can win? Who can win?’ And, of course, those people who can win, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, all lose. The question is not who can win. The question is who can lead.”

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WATCH: GOP Pollster on Why Rick Perry and Other Republicans Fear Rand Paul
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