Why Restoring Sight To Blind Was More Important Than RNC Convention

Why Restoring Sight To Blind Was More Important Than RNC Convention

Was Rand Paul at the RNC convention? Nope, he was off doing something more important than cheering on a foregone conclusion and preaching to the choir. While others were watching the lumbering trainwreck, Senator Paul was restoring sight to the blind, which Reason.com suggests the GOP may be equally in need of some vision enhancement.

The RNC convention was a debacle, what with claims of plagiarism, key Republicans simply skipping it, and even an outbreak of Norovirus. Methinks Rand Paul was contributing more to society with pro bono eye surgery in his home state of Kentucky.

Which brings us to the whole matter of the convention. I for one have cringed every time I turn on the TV. It reads like the John Birch Society crawled into bed with George Orwell’s nightmares and birthed some sort of Big Brother figure with an American flag and a really bad hairpiece.

When the cheap bogeyman of immigration was waved around, Rand Paul showed both an open mind and compassion, and denounced Trump’s bigoted views on Muslims and the growing nationalistic views on immigration, while acknowledging the need for greater scrutiny of just who is allowed to cross our borders.

In the end, Rand Paul is showing himself to be a man of compassion and of reason. How many wealthy professionals in the GOP take time off to give back to the community and to those less fortunate? Is this not the very genius of capitalism as first preached by Locke and Paine? To give a hand up to those who need it and to take care of your community? Is this not the genuine heartbeat of America to lift up your neighbor and in doing so enrich each other?

Skipping the RNC convention was the best thing Rand Paul could have done, because he has more important things to do with his time, things that are giving decent Americans a new lease on life, and actually showing us the true way to make America great again. We stand at a pivotal crossroads in American history right now, one that will shape a generation. It’s time to remember what real Americans do, and how real Americans behave, and to reinvigorate our nation with that spirit. Was Rand Paul right to skip the convention? I think so, but let’s hear from you. Tell us your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

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