Rand Paul for Time’s Person of the Year

Rand Paul for Time’s Person of the Year

Everyone’s familiar with Time’s Person of the Year, right? Well, if you’ve been paying attention, then one name should definitely be popping out from the current candidates: Rand Paul! Ultimately, it’s up to the editors of Time, but you can have your say by voting for Paul in TIME’s public poll. Voting closes on Dec. 4th, so hurry!

Need help persuading others to vote for him? Here are 4 reasons why he’s awesome from The Fiscal Times:

  • He wants “to reduce the income tax and if possible, eliminate the income tax… The first thing you do is balance the budget, then reduce the size of government.”
  • He’s a government ombudsman: “[It’s my job to] keep an eye on what our government is up to. As a conservative, I have grave concerns that our government has become completely out of control… Many Americans don’t realize it, which I’m quite sure is completely fine with many elected officials. It’s not ‘fine.’ It’s infuriating.”
  • He is extremely leery of sending American troops to fight in any global hotspots without very careful congressional oversight: On the Senate floor in March 2011, he said he told his constituents that “when I first ran for office, the most important vote I would ever take would be on sending their men and women — the boys and girls, the young men and women in my state — or anywhere else in the United States — to war. To me, it’s an amazing thing that we would do this so lightly, without any consideration by this august body – to send our young men and women to war without any congressional approval.” He was referring to U.S. participation in enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya. [See his recent comments at The Citadel regarding the current “irrational offense” policy of the U.S.]
  • He believes in immigration reform and in a path to citizenship. In response to those who have accused him of being for “amnesty,” he says this country’s current policies are actually “de facto amnesty… We have 11 million people here that have been here, some of them for a decade or more,” Paul told Fox News. “No one is telling them to go home. No one is sending them home.”

As the Business Insider points out, there’s some “strange favorites” currently taking the lead for TIME’s Person of the Year such as Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Narendra Modi, Bashar al-Assad…and Miley Cyrus. Oh yeah, I’m really excited about how Miley Cyrus is changing the world. And good luck with trying to pronounce any of those other names correctly. Why don’t we bring Paul up a couple rankings for this one?


Photograph courtesy of Gage Skidmore, via Flickr Creative Commons



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