Why Rand Paul’s Wife Is Critical To His Presidential Campaign

Why Rand Paul’s Wife Is Critical To His Presidential Campaign

Look at the spouses for some folks. Bill Clinton is staying in the shadows, Donald Trump has his… well whatever he has this week and Rand Paul has Kelley. While Kelley Paul may not be a household name like Bubba Bill, she’s the one you should look to for cues as to the type of man Rand Paul is.

USA Today reveals how important a popular and well received spouse is to the success of a presidential candidate.

Scrutinizing a candidate and his or her family has been a long-standing tradition in the United States and elsewhere, said Kelly Dittmar,an assistant professor of political science at Rutgers University-Camden. Voters are not only electing someone to be president but also a family to represent the country, she said.

“The campaigns are an audition for that candidate and their family to see how voters think about them as first family,” Dittmar said.

While a candidate must talk about issues, it is expected that a spouse will talk about the candidate. Here, Kelley Paul shines, as her popular stories and down to earth honesty complete the picture we have of Rand Paul. Through his wife, we see Rand Paul the beloved husband, and respected statesman. Instinctively we know that a couple that has had a long marriage (The Pauls will be celebrating 25 years of marriage this year) and respects each other are likely to be good people, which is why a successful marriage and home is so important to a candidate.

We can compare a quarter century of honest marriage to candidates like Trump who go through wives and girlfriends the way some people go through tissues. Kelley Paul is the sort of woman you’d expect to marry a man like Senator Paul. Charming, well spoken, refreshingly honest in her views, sophisticated yet approachable and echoing the slowly fading ideals of an America that we are losing sight of.

When you look at a presidential candidate’s spouse, you see the candidate as a human being, with all their strengths and weaknesses laid bare in the form of how well their marriage, family and household have thrived. After all, who wants a president who cannot even keep their own private life in order? Kelley Paul shows us that Rand Paul is a man of integrity who loves his wife and is loved in return. When it comes time to vote for a GOP candidate, wouldn’t you like to vote for somebody who can earn the affection and trust of a woman like Kelley Paul? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

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