Why Does The GOP Support Warrantless FBI Searches Of Internet Activity?

Why Does The GOP Support Warrantless FBI Searches Of Internet Activity?

Warrantless FBI searches narrowly avoided becoming a possible reality when Rand Paul and other liberty minded senators managed to shoot down an unholy GOP sponsored bill that would have given sweeping powers to the FBI to access certain internet search information.

The Federal Government has long demanded that warrantless FBI searches be made a legal reality in the dubious name of fighting terrorism. However, because of that annoying Constitution thing, this Orwellian demand has faced stiff opposition.

John McCain invoked the common claim of tyrants everywhere, supporting FBI Director James Comey by saying “It’s his job to protect the country.” Well Senator McCain, it’s your job to protect the constitution and you are failing miserably at it.

Rand Paul was one of the precious few Republicans who bucked the big government GOP trend to defeat this unholy attack on our civil liberties. Were the FBI given free reign to demand browser metadata and other search information by simply writing a so-called “National Security Letter”, they would be free to trample the privacy of any American they felt like. Apparently due process and judicial oversight doesn’t mean much to the barbarians at the FBI.

However, it does mean a lot to Senator Paul and his fellow civil libertarians, and it is important to recognize that government will use any tragedy possible to usurp our precious freedom in the dubious name of “security”. How many more times will we have to listen to our government demand an erosion of rights on the claims that it will make America safer? How many more times must we listen to a deluded public clamor to have rights taken away in order to sooth the momentary fear of cringing cowards who will sacrifice their birthright as Americans in order to gain the illusion of security?

Make no bones about it, warrantless FBI searches will destroy privacy in America. They will become tools of oppression and make J. Edgar Hoover’s fascist methods look positively benign. The FBI has been a tool of tyrants and unamerican brutes since its founding. We can hardly trust them to operate within the bounds of the law now, without giving them the ability to rape our privacy and freedom. This is not about security, it’s about control, and we need to join Senator Paul in telling Big Brother “No more!” Do you think trading liberty for security is a good idea? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Binary Koala, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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