Why Did Hillary Clinton Escape Criminal Charges?

Why Did Hillary Clinton Escape Criminal Charges?

Just in time for November, we find out once and for all that Hillary Clinton is apparently above the law. In a twisted and yet almost predictable echo of the Karl Rove email scandal, Clinton managed to escape all criminal charges over the seeming deliberate mishandling of classified emails.

Saying that if Hillary Clinton is not prosecuted, that “we will have become a nation of two sets of laws,” Rand Paul blasted the FBI’s decision not to recommend prosecution. Stating that there is now a second set of laws for the Clintons demonstrates how warped our government and so-called justice system is.

Within the living memory of many Americans, and certainly the Clintons, Richard Nixon once proclaimed he was not a crook. Later, he resigned from office after being impeached over a few minutes of missing tape recording and a party scandal. Would that Hillary Clinton have as much integrity to withdraw from public service as Nixon did.

Instead, we are left with a pathetic state of affairs, where Clinton gets off scot free for a crime that would have and has placed lesser people in prison, or ruined careers. Rand Paul is right to demand true justice and accounting from her, as it is rather apparent that “liberty and justice for all” is coming with terms and conditions that would horrify our Founders.

It is simply inexcusable that in a Republic such as ours that such an untouchable political class should exist, and yet it does. We know the Clintons are neck deep in crime and scandal, yet this is the true bipartisanship of Washington in that the political elite are given near free reign to do as they would in some sort of demented quasi-democracy that more resembles feudal Russia than modern day America.

Hillary Clinton broke the law, betrayed her nation, and endangered national security, yet she blithely went forward after the truth came out, knowing she was untouchable and beyond the reach of law and justice. Once upon a time, a great religious revival swept the nation and historians label it the Great Awakening, and it was followed by a Second Great Awakening of equal religious fervor. It is time now for a Third Great Awakening with Liberty as our goddess and the Constitution as our holy writ. A shameful moment in American history has come, and we must ensure it cannot happen again. Is justice and equality before the law truly dead in America? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of 4Neus, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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