Why Big Business is NOT Too Big to Fail… and Should

Why Big Business is NOT Too Big to Fail… and Should

The financial crash is like an airplane going down in flames and bailing out the one who set it on fire, Big Business, is the only way to save it. Evidently, the Treasury Department feels the best way to save a plane with a failed engine is to drop a suitcase full of cash in the lap of a banker in row C.

That’s what Tim Geithner, former Secretary of the Treasury under Obama, is trying to sell us about big business. In his analogy, the bank is the person who has caused the plane to be at risk and the passengers….well, they’re supposed to be the rest of us Americans. His argument is that the first priority is to save the plane, not punish the person at fault.

I’d find it laughably ironic, if it weren’t so sad, using Geithner’s plane model for a bailout explanation. After all, “bail out” is a pilot’s term. It’s what you do when you jump out of a plane to save yourself. And yes, Mr. Geithner, you bailed out the pilot and left us in the smoking cabin. I suppose we can at least give a prayer of thanks that Geithner’s new job isn’t managing the TSA.

In 2014, Rep. Paul Ryan was quoted as saying, “We can’t make the case to the American people that we are the reform party if we won’t reform the giant corporate-welfare state in Washington.”

Thank you. Thank you very much, Congressman Ryan.

For too long, both Democrats and Republicans alike have pandered to corporate America while the people who actually elected them to office suffer in silence. And to be clear, we’re not asking for handouts to get us back on our feet. We’re Americans. We fall down, we get back up. That’s part of what makes us Americans. No. All we’re asking for is for the federal government to stop treating corporations better than us — the people they should be representing.

If you truly care for big business so much, than show it a little tough love. When people make mistakes, we face the consequences of our actions. That’s not some high ideal. That’s just what my mother would call not being raised by wolves. Why, then, do we let big business use our economy like a giant kid’s playground? “You broke the housing market? Don’t cry. We’ll give you some money for a new one.” It’s ridiculous.

I’ve two words for the “conservatives” that don’t think we’re paying attention: laissez-faire. “Allow to do”, as the French so eloquently put it. Every Republican should understand this concept. Markets correct themselves. There is no “too big to fail”. If a company falls, and it is large, then several might replace it. But to say otherwise is dangerous. You risk making businesses more important than the people who put you in office. I want to know – where does a real Republican get away with telling me that a bank is more important than a locally owned grocery store? Or kindergarten? Or landscaping business? You didn’t bail them out when everything fell apart, did you?

Senator Rand Paul summed it up rather bluntly last Sunday when he addressed the issue of crony capitalism and corporate welfare head on.

“We gotta stop and end all welfare to big business,” Paul said. “It’s crazy.”

To Paul, until this issue is addressed, the Republican party has no credibility in the austerity argument.

In Paul’s own words, “I think sometimes Republicans want to blame it all on the welfare queens, when the corporate CEO queen is getting quite a bit of this, also.”

It is my sincere hope that the removal of Eric Cantor can send a wake-up call to Republicans. We are watching. We know what you are doing. You’re not protecting big business to protect our economy — you’re doing it to protect yourselves. You’re protecting those deep-pocketed companies that put you in office. Well, we have news for you — as Cantor just found out — big businesses don’t get to vote. We’ll see you at the ballot box.

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