Why A Coffee Shop, Baseball Park And Club Are Important To Rand Paul’s New Book

Why A Coffee Shop, Baseball Park And Club Are Important To Rand Paul’s New Book

2016 GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul will be in Iowa later this month where he will promote his new book called “Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America”. Paul will be signing the book in Clinton, Davenport (at a baseball park and outing club) and Muscatine (at a coffee shop) on May 28. These will be some of Rand’s first signings for his new book so you can see why they will be important!

“Taking a Stand”, in which Paul tackles questions such as the Iraq War will be available in stores from May 26th.

‘Iraq War Architects Shouldn’t Appear on Sunday Shows’

One of the biggest topics in Rand Paul’s upcoming book is the Iraq War, and he’s especially bugged by how Sunday political shows handle its legacy.

Here’s what Paul writes in “Taking a Stand”:

“It’s also bothersome that the mainstream media continues to invite the architects of the Iraq invasion on to share their opinions on Sunday morning shows. History has already begun to harshly judge those who made this country’s decisions after 9/11.” (Buzzfeed)

‘Every Time We Toppled a Middle East Dictator, We Made it Worse’

Last week, Jeb Bush, one of Rand Paul’s GOP presidential candidate opponents, delivered some ammo to the libertarian-minded favorite by botching a question on the Iraq War.

Senator Paul, though, was ready for the question. Here’s what he said on New Day on CNN last Tuesday:

“We’ve had the same question repeatedly: is it a good idea to go in and topple a secular dictator and try to build a nation? Every time we’ve toppled a secular dictator in the Middle East we’ve gotten something worse and less stable.” (Mediaite)

WATCH: ‘The Iraq War Was A Mistake’


“Our Presidents and Their Prayers” and Other Titles by Rand Paul

“Taking a Stand” will not be the only book with Rand Paul’s face on the cover. The Republican senator will also be the author of another book, titled: “Our Presidents and Their Prayers: Proclamations of Faith by America’s Leaders”.

This book will come out on September 8.

Here’s how the publisher, Hatchet Book Group, describes it:

“Rand Paul reveals the spiritual practices of each president of the United States and sheds light on how religion played a part in their governing and personalities.”

Apart from these two books, Paul also wrote “Government Bullies” and “The Tea Party Goes to Washington”.

Will you buy a copy of Rand Paul’s new book “Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America” when it hits the stores? Show your support for Rand Paul by sending us a tweet or commenting below.

Written by Vladimir Covic; Edited by staff



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