Why 30% of Black Voters Will Pick This ‘Dangerous Man’ in 2016

Why 30% of Black Voters Will Pick This ‘Dangerous Man’ in 2016

Paul is the most dangerous man in politics, according to the former head of the RNC Michael Steele, because he has appealing aspects to both Democrats and Republicans. Considering that Paul has a history with the Civil Rights Act which has raised eyebrows in some quarters, this ability to pull from the Blue and Red is a bold statement. During an interview Paul was asked if his philosophy would condone Martin Luther King, Jr. being denied counter service at Woolworths. Paul’s answer was simply that he would not go to that Woolworths. That he would stand up in his community and say it is abhorrent is an example of how libertarian ideology polices behaviour that people find troubling in the private sphere.

In the public sphere there is wiggle room for legislation that can prevent discrimination, but what this ‘dangerous man’ is arguing for is a society that is conscious of itself, understands that each individual can and should have the power to act instead of deferring the job to government. Economic boycotts and civil society are what squeeze the pus out of society by squeezing their wallets.

How does this play with demographics that are direct victims of discrimination based on their gender, their sexuality, their ethnicity? The image of the Republican Party currently is one that has nothing to offer these groups. Instead it is beholden to the market and freeing the market before it frees these groups. But that can change.

Most easily would be by ending the War on Drugs. Any candidate who seriously pushes for an end to this War will win votes no matter what party they come from. How many votes is debatable. Paul thinks that a third of the African-American vote will be open to the Republican message in 2016. In order to make this happen there needs to be results before then. Paul has stated he wants to do away with mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for non-violent offenders. He wants parity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine in punishment. If some of this could be achieved, the chance to disrupt this status quo is another tick in Paul’s dangerous man box.

There is an anti-politics movement growing on both sides of the Atlantic. Disillusioned groups are looking to step outside the convention of two party politics in the UK with the rise of UKIP. The same should happen in America.

Stand as an independent, Paul. Crowdsource your policies in a direct democratic manner. Stand alone and ask others to join you from all affiliations. Have some balls man and smash up the two party system – not just a new branch. That is why Paul is the most dangerous man in politics. What do you think? Am I barking or am I biting? Join the discussion on Twitter, Facebook or below.

Written by Abiezer Coppe

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