Who’s In The First GOP Debate? Rand Paul, Of Course

Who’s In The First GOP Debate? Rand Paul, Of Course

On August 6th, Senator Rand Paul will join other Republican presidential hopefuls in the first GOP debate. As the race heats up, Paul will address key issues facing the nation. While the Republican party is currently dominated by Donald Trump’s hair-sized ego, to the exclusion of more serious contenders, it is crucial that we focus on important matters.

While Paul believes that the rise of Donald Trump represents a “temporary loss of sanity” among Republicans, he will be redirecting that insanity during the first GOP debate to focus on what’s important. In an interview with CNN, Senator Paul expressed his frustration with business as usual in Washington DC, and called for tax reform in the form of a flat tax.

The upcoming Republican debate will give Paul an important platform to speak to both the nation, and the Republican party. Here, he will underscore the simple, Constitution respecting, small government values that this nation so desperately needs. Paul has consistently rejected the warmongering attitude of the Republican party and calls for reasoned intervention instead of willy nilly bombings of unfriendly or scary looking countries.

We can expect that this first Republican debate will shape the course of future debates, and lay a foundation for the entire 2016 presidential campaign. Here, Republicans will start laying out their plans, and the Democrats will be forced to adapt their strategy to counter what will be said here. Men like Rand Paul and other serious candidates will have their ideas tested and shaped, to be reforged again in future campaigns. It is time now to expect serious ideas and serious thoughts, and to put aside ego and boutique candidacies. We will, for the first time in one location be able to discern the true friends of liberty from those who simply pretend in order to seek personal gain and prestige.

Rand Paul has not hidden his beliefs, nor does he carry a hidden agenda. We can expect him to clearly, and logically speak in defense of the Constitution, of the individual liberties of Americans, and to pose a serious threat to the self serving establishment in Washington. While other candidates will speak from lofty towers of wealth, or positions of leadership in states that openly undermine personal freedom, Paul will be taking the time to focus on important matters, and to champion the cause of true liberty and freedom. This Thursday, join us in supporting Senator Paul, and listening to him showcase his platform of freedom to the entire nation. The world will be watching the first GOP debate, will you? Tell us what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff


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