Who Would You Bet On: Rick Perry or Rand Paul?

Who Would You Bet On: Rick Perry or Rand Paul?

Texas Governor Rick Perry might look like Clark Kent, notes one writer for CNN, but he probably won’t turn into Superman.

Could Rick Perry lead a “Stop Paul” movement? Chris Matthews on Hardball has an answer for that.

“If you ever hear of a group forming to stop X, put your money on X.”

It’s pulled from Richard Nixon but I’ll run with Rand Paul any day of the week. He can wing it better than Perry.

Matthews continues: “Well Rick Perry is out to stop Rand Paul then history shows the senator from Kentucky might be the candidate who ends up winning this thing. … If they are already ganging up on Rand Paul and Perry thinks the smart thing to do is pile on, I say, put a few bucks on Rand Paul. I would.”

He does have one problem with Paul attacking Perry. It breaks one Nixon rule: “Always attack up.”

WATCH Chris Matthews below discuss the current back-and-forth debate happening now between Gov. Rick Perry and Rand Paul. Would you bet on Paul? Prove it. Send us a tweet or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

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