Who is The Most Dangerous Person in Politics Right Now?

Who is The Most Dangerous Person in Politics Right Now?

This ‘dangerous person’ has the potential to transform the entire political landscape, according to MSNBC political analyst, Michael Steele. That includes both sides of the aisle. Who is it? That’s an easy guess if you have a keen sense for politics.

Rand Paul is perhaps the most dangerous person in politics for Democrats and Republicans right now,” said Michael Steele on Up with Steve Kornacki. “Because he’s playing against type. He’s going outside of his comfort zone and this is just one of those examples that has the potential of transforming the political landscape. Not that you’re going to get all the benefits in one election cycle but if he’s consistent and emerges as the leader and that new voice, he can bring the party into a new space that is a better space for it.”

WATCH the clip below! If you feel like doing something risky, share this ‘dangerous person’ with your friends. We dare you.

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