Who Else Could the NSA Be Spying On? …Not the Pope

Who Else Could the NSA Be Spying On? …Not the Pope

The Obama administration scandal that continues to grow, and constantly surprise with its large scope, is the NSA spying. First we learn they’re looking at international phone records. Then it’s domestic phone calls of people who they think may be terrorists. Then it’s actually everyone. And it’s not just phone records – it’s e-mails and internet history. They’re listening to phone calls, and actively working with private companies (or maybe even strong-arming them) to continue expanding on their wealth of information.

After that, we find out leaders from U.S. allies are having their phones tapped.

Our allies! What kind of a message does that send? You’re our friend, but we don’t trust you to talk on the phone, at all, ever, so we’re going to listen to everything you say. We can still come to your birthday party, right?

Well, there’s one figurehead that common sense would say the U.S. government wouldn’t have the audacity to spy on (although with their recent track record, we’re learning they don’t seem to have boundaries of any kind).

That person: Pope Francis.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul – loudly against the spying programs, citing privacy violations from that thing called the Constitution that the government likes to ignore – wants to officially know the U.S. government wouldn’t go that far.

So he introduced a resolution: He wants President Obama to issue an official statement about whether the NSA has spied on the Pope.

Here’s what Andrea Peterson of the Washington Post wrote:

“The resolution calls on Obama to ‘directly address the serious allegation whether his administration monitored the calls of Pope Francis or the conclave selecting the Pope.’ Wednesday Italy’s Panorama magazine reported that the NSA had eavesdropped on 46 million Italian phone calls between December 2012 and January 2013 — including some to and from [a] residence where papal candidates stayed before the conclave. It also suggested that the NSA’s activities included interception of communication going in and out of the Vatican.”

A little terrifying, right?

Neither the NSA nor Obama have issued a statement on whether the Pope was spied on. But would you be surprised if it turned out they had?

And if they did – if the NSA monitored the communications of Pope Francis – what would your reaction be? How would that make you feel? Let us know in the comments.

Photograph courtesy of Semilla Luz, via Flickr Creative Commons



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