White Supremacist ‘Accidentally’ Donates To Charleston Shooting Victims

White Supremacist ‘Accidentally’ Donates To Charleston Shooting Victims

The president of a white supremacist group may have donated money to Rand Paul for the wrong reasons, but his money will be going to a good cause. And there’s another twist. It was the Charleston shooting suspect himself that made this all happen.

Thanks to Dylann Roof’s naming of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens in his online manifesto, donations from its president, Earl Holt III, will now be going towards the families of the Charleston shooting victims.

RAND PAC quickly issued a public statement on Monday that the money received from Holt would be redirected to those who have suffered from the Charleston shooting. While this will never be enough to compensate for the life lost in that Charleston church, it’s nice to know that those who wished harm on innocent people are quite literally paying.


WATCH: White Supremacist’s Contribution Goes To Victims’ Families


Speaking of donations from questionable sources, will Hillary Clinton ever return the tainted donations she received from countries with human rights violations?

“You know… countries where women are regularly abused, honor killings are frequent, and gays are hung… Hillary’s accepted millions of dollars from those countries.”

“When is Hillary going to return that money? Anybody?” (Western Journalism)

It seems not everyone has a moral compass when it comes to unethical political contributions.

Do you agree with the decision to send the money to the Charleston shooting victims? Show your support for Rand Paul on Twitter or Facebook.

Written by Sadako

(Photo courtesy of The All-Nite Images, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)




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