While the Old Guard Complains, the New Guard Opts for Change

While the Old Guard Complains, the New Guard Opts for Change

Those who benefit from the status quo will do what they can to avoid changing it.

In Congress, that seems to be even more of a problem than anywhere else, as many of the old, hawkish GOP Congressmen have proven since 2010.

That was the year the new wave of Republicans ushered in a refreshing line of thinking: Hey, the way Congress has been doing things isn’t working. Let’s not do it that way anymore.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has been one of the voices at the forefront of that new wave of Constitutionalist thought. And while some people (coughDemocratscough) may complain that Paul and his new wave colleagues are “holding things up,” they’re actually doing exactly what they were elected to do: Stop the government from behaving the way it has for so long.

It’s a point that David Roberts of the White Mountain Independent makes quite well.

Writes Roberts:

“’How business has been done’ in Congress has resulted in a $17 trillion deficit…’How business has been done’ in Congress has resulted in a 7 to 14 percent unemployment rate…Why would Paul and others … anyone, really … want to conduct business like that?”

That’s been Paul’s message since he was elected to Congress in 2010 – THIS ISN’T WORKING. WE NEED TO STOP.

A small group of Congressmen have joined him. Ted Cruz from Texas, Mike Lee of Utah. But for the most part, Paul is often butting heads with other old-school Republicans as much as he is with Democrats.

One of the most outspoken members of the stagnant GOP has been Arizona Sen. John McCain. And some words from McCain in regards to Paul and company is what got the author Roberts rolling in the first place. With the government shutdown of fall 2013 continuing to roll on, McCain said Congressmen like Paul and Cruz don’t understand “how business has been done.”

Boy, how he misses the mark.

Paul and his fellow libertarians understand exactly how business has been done. That’s why they’re in Congress now. That’s why they were elected. Because the people are absolutely sick of business as usual.



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