When The Words “I Have No Choice, I Must Act” Become Dangerous

When The Words “I Have No Choice, I Must Act” Become Dangerous

“I have no choice, I must act” — This may sound like a man of action but there’s an inherent danger to those words when spoken by someone in power. Remember our government wasn’t meant to be ruled by one person for a reason. Obama is a president — not a king — and Senator Rand Paul was very clear that a president shouldn’t be acting alone during his Monday stop at Council Bluffs Victory Office in Iowa.

When the president does things unilaterally and makes statements like: ‘I have no choice, I must act,’ that concerns those of us who believe that the constitution was put in place to restrain government, not the people,” Paul said during an interview with Radio Iowa.

Anything the President does won’t be ’till the end of summer, according to White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer, but whatever Obama puts into play still won’t solve the core problems surrounding immigration. That’s why he has to work with Congress.

Paul plans to file a “friend of the court” brief, according to Radio Iowa, with other Republican senators in support of the Obama lawsuit brewing in the House of Representatives. But will a lawsuit really stop a president who willfully states “I have no choice, I must act”? Tweet us with your thoughts and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

WATCH Rand Paul’s full speech at the Council Bluffs Victory Office below:
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