What’s More Important: Talking About Economic Responsibility or Trump?

What’s More Important: Talking About Economic Responsibility or Trump?

How do you run your household budget? If you showed the kind of “economic responsibility” the government has shown where would you be living right now? Probably in a refrigerator box somewhere.

Recently, Rand Paul took up the notion of economic responsibility in government at the “Politics & Eggs” forum at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. He intelligently discussed why the government was failing the citizens of the United States and what he offered as solutions.

WATCH: Politics & Eggs Forum at St. Anselm College

The country is currently almost 18 trillion dollars in debt according to Paul and Barack Obama will increase the budget more than all other presidents combined. Why? For several reasons.

First, this administration has blurred the separation of powers lines more than any other. Sure, Teddy Roosevelt famously expanded the role of the executive branch, but he was not the emperor that President Obama has been. During his speech, Rand Paul states that more than 200 regulations are proposed (and many implemented) every year that will cost the economy more than $100 million. These are regulations that bypass Congress, but still impact the overall budget.

Another reason that economic responsibility is a quaint byword with this government is that Republican and Democrats have programs they want to see funded. Rand Paul says that Democrats want more money for social programs and Republicans want to increase the amount given to defense. Both cost money, so they make and “unholy alliance” so that all of their pet programs can receive funding.

Basically, the way that government currently operates is broken. There needs to be fiscal responsibility and a smaller bureaucracy according to Paul. But how would he effect that change? He has several logical proposals.

  • Cut government spending by 1% across the board which would eliminate the debt in five years.
  • Eliminate the Departments of Commerce and Education. Education is a function of the states and commerce is a corporate welfare shill.
  • Root out and eliminate duplicate programs. Rand Paul said that there are 181 different programs doing the same thing. He would cut the 180 and keep just one.
  • As for the one percent cut across all government programs, he said that there is enough waste in every program to realize that percentage. Sixteen percent of Social Security goes to disability. He would make sure that those people deserved the checks and eliminate those who do not.

Overall it was a profound speech that described, in detail, how a Dr. Rand Paul administration would bring economic responsibility back to government. What do you think? Leave a comment below about the Politics & Eggs speech or any other issue that comes to mind.



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