What Paul Would Say About Amazon Drones

What Paul Would Say About Amazon Drones

Many pressing questions are being raised since the recent announcement of Amazon drones. For example, ‘what if an Amazon delivery drone hits me?’ Or ‘will they block out the sun?’ And, most importantly, ‘will they deliver tacos?’

I have to admit though it does sound like a cool concept but not everyone is thrilled about Jeff Bezos’s introduction of Amazon drones on “60 Minutes.”

As Chris Matyszczyk on cnet.com charmingly conveys: “If these drones would be capable, as Bezos insists, of delivering 86 percent of the things that are ordered on Amazon, I sense a period of “get off my lawn’s airspace” coming to a subdivision near you.”

So what are Paul’s thoughts about these kind of drones?

No official statement has been issued on Amazon drones yet, but if his 13-hour filibuster against armed drones and his passionate stance against government surveillance and drone spying was any hint, you would think Paul would take a hard stance on this one.

Or maybe not.

He certainly doesn’t have anything against drones that deliver beer.

“Perhaps I am not against ALL drones!” he wrote on Twitter, linking to an article about a flying robot that brings beer to music festival goers in South Africa. (CNN)

If it doesn’t kill or spy on people, he’s game.

However, there’s still privacy concerns to iron out as Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass) was quick to discuss on Monday.

“Before drones start delivering packages, we need the FAA to deliver privacy protections for the American public,” he said in a statement. “Convenience should never trump constitutional protections.”

Markey, who co-chairs a bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus, introduced legislation earlier this year that would protect citizens’ privacy when drones are used. A bill he introduced in March would create new rules to protect individuals’ privacy from domestic drones. (cnet.com)

The FAA currently grants licenses for drone use by military and law enforcement agencies, universities and local governments, but has thus far blocked commercial use.

As drone technology evolves and commercial deployment seems viable, Congress has directed the FAA to come up with standards by 2015 to create regulations and to streamline the process for applying for licenses. This would pave the way for using drones for commercial and recreational purposes.

But Markey believes that in addition to rules that will make it easier to use drones, the agency also needs to address privacy issues in the new regulation. …

“Before our skies teem with commercial drones, clear rules must be set that protect the privacy and safety of the public,” Markey said in his statement on Monday. (cnet.com)

Good or bad, it looks like we won’t be seeing airborne taco deliveries from Amazon drones until 2015.



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