What Will Happen After Midterm Elections?

What Will Happen After Midterm Elections?

Different wings of the GOP are coming together on the campaign trail before the midterm elections in an attempt to send the message that the party is more important than ideology. The establishment’s John McCain and rebellious Rand Paul have appeared in Georgia to support David Perdue – a candidate who doesn’t clearly align with either wing of the party, according to PeachPundit.

It is interesting to see from an outside perspective this unity occurring in these midterm elections. In the UK at this moment in time several Conservative MPs have defected to UKIP (a sort of British Tea Party) forcing by-elections and splitting the Conservative -and to some extent the Labour- vote. This is the beginning of the end for two party politics in the UK, but in the US the GOP at least seems to be closing ranks with no real third party emerging to challenge the blue-red status quo. Surely the midterm elections would be a good time to do this when the electoral machine of both parties is not in full swing like during a presidential campaign?

Some reports are emerging that Rand Paul will hold a 2016 strategy summit one week after the midterms, according to the National Journal.

“As I understand it, this meeting is to both literally and symbolically change focus after the November election and begin to take deliberate action toward a potential 2016 run,” said one Paul insider. (NJ)

The GOP and the underdogs are racing around trying to shore up support (and earn some favors) for when the 2016 race begins proper. With the elections less than one week away it seems likely that the GOP is going to take a majority in the Senate. FiveThirtyEight give the Republicans a 62% chance of winning a majority to the Democrats 38%. After the midterm elections, however, the splits in the party may begin to grow again as 2016 becomes the focus and Presidential candidates have a better view of the field and the nation’s thoughts. What do you think? Join the debate on Twitter or on Facebook.

Written by Abiezer Coppe



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