What Was Missing in the State of the Union Speech: Keystone XL Pipeline Decision

What Was Missing in the State of the Union Speech: Keystone XL Pipeline Decision

The most obvious, the most glaring  item that was missing from the State of the Union Address is talking about the Keystone XL Pipeline.  In fact, when he barely even got to that he said things are still kind of moving along.

This is something that President Obama, with his pen, if he was so inclined and would actually do something would sign that into law.  This has been one of the most studied pipelines, if not the most, in the history of the United States.

If in fact he would take his pen and do anything he should sign the Keystone XL Pipeline and open up to our friends in Canada to start to create lots of high paying, good quality American jobs while we construct this pipeline and as a benefit it takes pressure off of us in sending our money to countries that want to destroy us like Iran.

So wouldn’t it be nice if instead of supporting OPEC with our petro-dollars we give the money to Canada our allies, and through the Keystone XL Pipeline we keep the money in North America?

Do that and I think you change the power structure and then you also alter whether or not you are going to fight 4 wars over oil. 

Let’s be realistic, we have no energy policy in the US that has any prayer or hope in making us energy independent.  This independence is probably not even a possibility given the interdependence of the world.  But the Keystone XL Pipeline would be a major step in letting us declare a very real step towards energy independence from at least OPEC, the Middle East, and those that would see us go away.

The fact that Obama did not spend any time on the Keystone XL Pipeline was just nuts. 

To be frank, Canada WILL have this tar refined.  They are willing to take it to us who have some environmental precautions and concerns.  If Obama says no to the pipeline Canada will allow another country that has less environmental restrictions to refine it.  There will be more total pollution going into the world as a whole, maybe not inside of the US borders but there will be a larger total of pollution created if we do not have the pipeline approved.

If you think that the Keystone XL Pipeline should be approved join with us at It’s a Paul World in spreading Support for it by sharing information and commenting on how you think America will benefit. 


(Photo Courtesy of Kbh3rd via Wiki Commons)



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