What The Nigerian Girls Who Escaped From Boko Haram Will Do Next

What The Nigerian Girls Who Escaped From Boko Haram Will Do Next

Some of us will remember April of this year differently than others, like the Nigerian girls from the Boko Haram kidnappings. Not all of them will ever be able to tell their story. However, there are those who will get the chance.

Some of the survivors from the Boko Haram kidnappings came to Washington on International Human Rights Day to express what cannot be said by their enslaved companions. These Nigerian girls not only shared their experiences but told Sen. Rand Paul during a brief visit how they will live after escaping the horrific fate set for them by Boko Haram. They plan on becoming doctors or lawyers. It’s admirable to overcome a horrible thing; it’s an inspiration to rise up above it and aspire to be more.

Amidst so much violence, hatred, and cruelty, miracles do occur,” wrote Paul in Time about Missy Paul, a girl who boldly chose to jump than become a prisoner of Boko Haram. “Einstein wrote that you have a choice—you can view life as if miracles are everywhere, or as if they are nowhere. I choose to acknowledge the miracles and truly believe that if we allow ourselves to be blinded by conflict and carnage, we will miss the God-given goodness that surrounds us.”

Watch the short news clip about the Nigerian girls below. (Sen. Rand Paul makes a brief appearance!) Send me a tweet or comment below if you know of anyone else who deserves recognition for rising above their circumstances.

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