What Kind Of Competition Will Paul Face In Kentucky Senate Race?

What Kind Of Competition Will Paul Face In Kentucky Senate Race?

The man who will pit himself against Paul in the upcoming Kentucky Senate race will be Lexington Mayor Jim Gray. Gray, a Democrat, announced his candidacy back in January.

In a statement about his candidacy for the senate race, Gray said:

“As your Senator I won’t just talk, I’ll listen. I’ll offer common sense solutions. And I’ll work to restore the American dream for every family in Kentucky.” (CNN)

However, his chances of winning are low, seeing as how Kentucky is very much a red state and a candidate for the Democrats hasn’t won 50 percent of the vote in either the presidential or the Senate campaign since 1992, said Republican strategist Scott Jennings.

“You could build a compelling body of evidence that indicates it’s going to be really, really difficult for a Democrat to win a Senate race here,” Jennings said. (The Atlantic)

Even Rep. John Yarmuth, the only remaining Democrat in the state’s congressional delegation, put Gray’s chances of winning against Paul at about 30 percent, and he is considered the best candidate the Democrats have in Kentucky.

As for Rand Paul, while his opponents criticized his decision to take part in two campaigns at the same time; this didn’t deter him from doing his job as Kentucky Senator.

Back in January, Paul touched on this issue and said the following to his supporters in Kentucky:

“I’m running for president and have been for nearly a year. And I’ve done my job as your senator every step of the way. While others simply abandoned their jobs to run, I did mine, working all week in the Senate and campaigning largely on weekends – making 95 per cent of my votes, a higher percentage than most senators who weren’t running for president.” (Lexington Herald Leader)

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