Wasteful Government Spending Alert! Thousands Of Dollars Spent On Ghost Hunt

Wasteful Government Spending Alert! Thousands Of Dollars Spent On Ghost Hunt

Republican Senator Rand Paul is on a mission to end or at least slow down wasteful government spending and has undertaken a crusade of sorts while doing town halls in Eastern Kentucky where he speaks about this costly issue.

This ‘constitutional conservative’ as Paul likes to call himself attended a town hall meeting in Ashland this Monday where he spoke out openly about wasteful government spending and how this has negatively affected people all over his state of Kentucky.

In an address he gave to some 75 people at the Ashland Transportation Center, Paul said it’s time America stops giving money to countries that allow Christians to be persecuted.

According to Paul, the U.S. government has spent $15 billion in Pakistan and $100 billion in Afghanistan.

The former Tea Party presidential hopeful also pointed out that while President Obama’s administration is throwing money away in the Middle East, thousands of people in Kentucky’s coal industry are now out of a job. That includes more than 150 workers that got laid off from CSX in Corbin, over 100 in Russell and about 600 steelworkers in AK Steel.

Government Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Ghost Hunt

In his latest Waste Report, a weekly release on how the government is finding new ways to make taxpayers’ money go poof, Rand Paul uncovered something that should be on an episode of X-Files.

According to the Waste Report, the National Park Service (NSP) is funding a $150,000 grant to study the Alaska’s Bering Strait Inuit tribe’s experience with supernatural beings and occurrences.

Here’s what the Waste Report said, among other things:

“You might think this is simply cataloging historical and traditional beliefs of indigenous peoples of Alaska. To be sure, part of the project is to conduct archival research, but there is more. According to the announcement, ‘The primary objective of this project is to investigate Bering Strait Inuit residents’ beliefs and knowledge about (and experiences with) the supernatural environment…’”

The grant was given to Kawerak, Inc. for three years during which Kawerak is expected to “document, community members’ personal experience with the supernatural.”

Oh, yeah, the NSP also wants to translate the project into Russian and promote it on Facebook.

What’s your take on all this wasteful government spending? Is it a good idea to grant $150,000 for a literal ghost chase in Alaska or spend billions in the Middle East while hundreds and thousands of people are losing jobs in Kentucky alone? Tell us what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

(Photo courtesy of Ervins Strauhmanis, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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