Wasted Money! FEMA Pays For Disaster Twice

Wasted Money! FEMA Pays For Disaster Twice

In the annals of government waste and overspending, FEMA’s double payment doesn’t exactly loom large, but it does reveal an underlying incompetence that riddles the very fabric of government itself. Rand Paul knows the Federal Government has gotten too big, and this latest debacle proves it.

Paul acknowledges in his Waste Report that “in a disaster it is understandable that quick action is needed and some things fall through the cracks.” However, there is little excuse for FEMA to pay for something already covered by insurance. This has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in paying out twice for the same damaged infrastructure or, as an example, paying to rebuild a Florida golf course that was also covered by private insurance.

Typically large FEMA payments are made by application and are granted after review. It should be a simple process to have adequate accounting oversight, perhaps supplemented by simple digital checks to prevent the sort of double dipping that has been uncovered, and it should be mandatory for any insurance payments be reported and used to compensate FEMA for any aid given. Perhaps even better, individual states should handle the distribution of Federal disaster relief under strict oversight to ensure taxpayer money is not wasted.

The worst part of this whole mess is that we know this sort of fiscal incompetence is everywhere in the Federal Government. A massive organization simply cannot catch all its mistakes, and the bigger the organization, the greater the chance of excessively large mistakes. No matter how many Senate subcommittees are out there auditing books, or examining budgets, there will always be waste and even outright fraud. Big government is expensive, both in time, money and damage to individual liberty.

This FEMA failure PROVES the massive, lumbering gorilla that is the Federal Government cannot even get out of its own way. At best it throws money around caring little where it goes, and at worst, it is an insidious and dangerous lot, hellbent on shredding the constitution in the name of vague and nebulous security programs. We cannot allow the Feds to waste our money without consequences. The solution though is simple. Rand Paul wants to level the Feds like a tornado ripping through an Alabama trailer park. Small government can do big things (witness the great achievements of our past) but equally important, small government can only make small mistakes. A small government makes for a strong nation. What do you think? Is FEMA’s inability to figure out where the money is going indicative of a bigger problem? Is Rand Paul’s small government solutions the fix? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of Infrogmation, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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