Vicious Hawk Attacks? Nope, Paul Ignores Peter King

Vicious Hawk Attacks? Nope, Paul Ignores Peter King

Is this satire? Are these words really coming out of King’s mouth? It’s sometimes surreal to listen to Rep. Peter King (R-NY). He’s been on an Anti-Paul rant for weeks especially since launching his Anti-Tea Party Republican PAC in Dec. Even then, he certainly wasn’t shy about calling out names like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. That is when he’s actually using their names.

King’s a GOP defense hawk of the old school way. The type of hawk that feels “national security trumps all and we have to be ready at all times.” It’s a hard line to support especially when it’s trading liberty for false security. As a result, he’s frequently disagreeing (to put it mildly) with Paul’s libertarian ways on national security. It makes him “one of the biggest defenders of National Security Agency spying” and certainly the most vocal.

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Mike Masnick of Techdirt describes King “like a TV villain politician. He’s so… over the top in his crazy surveillance state opinions that it’s almost difficult to believe he’s real.”

Sen. Paul isn’t the only one who gets King’s attention though. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) recently questioned the NSA over whether or not the NSA spied or is currently spying on Congress. …The reply from the NSA wasn’t exactly a “no”.

Meanwhile, King completely supported the NSA spying on Congress members because, hey, a member of Congress could be spying for the Al Qaeda. The NSA should be monitoring just in case.

Steve Benen of MSNBC weighed in on the discussion: “…is there any evidence to suggest members of Congress are talking to terrorists? Well, no, but King would have you believe all lawmakers should be monitored anyway, just in case.

The equality of treatment is reassuring, I suppose, though it underscores why the surveillance is problematic in the first place. If there’s no evidence of wrongdoing, no suspicious behavior, and no probable cause, why would the NSA feel the need to monitor the communications of members of Congress – or anyone else?

For King, the point seems to be that if lawmakers aren’t in communication with terrorists, they have nothing to worry about. It’s a familiar refrain, but it’s not the way the game is supposed to be played.”

So how has Paul handled this ongoing feud with Rep. Peter King? By essentially ignoring it.

There were barely one or two lines even addressing King during Paul’s recent interview on the Laura Ingraham radio show. It goes to show that Sen. Paul can keep focused on what’s important which serves rather than detracts from his causes. King might want to take a note.

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