Unafraid, Rand Paul Continues Rise to Top of GOP

Unafraid, Rand Paul Continues Rise to Top of GOP

Hawks, in nature, don’t have many predators. They’re at about the top of the aviary food chain.

Until now.

Predator No. 1 for hawks: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Paul, over the last three years, had loudly and boisterously taken aim at all of the old GOP hawks – established congressmen and Republican figureheads who chirped loudly and fluttered their feathers whenever the U.S. had a chance to get involved in another country’s business.

Just a couple short years ago, Paul’s brand of Republicanism would have been dismissed by his elder Republican colleagues. Now, Paul has called them out and reined in the party, trying to refocus the GOP’s efforts on the basics.

The junior senator isn’t shy about taking shots at his colleagues. In recent months he’s publicly disagreed with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christise, longtime Sen. From Arizona John McCain, President Obama, former President George W. Bush, conservative political commentator Bill Kristsol, and plenty more.

Oftentimes, the people Paul butts heads with are the McCain-style neocons – the GOP hawks, as they’re often called. And it’s working, as McKay Coppins of Buzzfeed writes.

“One of his favorite targets — and the one that most delights the political press — is the Bush-era army of neoconservative Republicans who championed the Patriot Act and led the U.S. into war with Iraq…

‘So many of the neocons in our party, they think they’re the great defenders of the military. They think, Oh, the soldiers must love me because I want to be involved in war,’ Paul said, before criticizing the assumption that members of the military are eager to fight. “They will, they volunteered, and they’re the most patriotic of our young people. But they’re not excited about war.”

Paul has been piercing in his criticisms, unafraid to go after those in his own party. And right now, it’s paying off. In the interview with Buzzfeed, he acknowledged that this may not be a permanent wave of support, that it may wane and he may dip because of it – just like his father, Ron Paul.

He saw his father, Ron Paul, being treated as a flavor-of-the-week candidate by much of the GOP. Hated, loved, used, then discarded and ignored. But he thinks there is a big transition taking place in the Republican Party, and in the public. They’re both war-weary, sick of following the old code of conduct that’s been used in recent decades.

All the hawks beating the drums of war, watch out. You’re no longer at the top of the food chain.



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