Top 5 Things Rand Paul Said On “The Daily Show”

Top 5 Things Rand Paul Said On “The Daily Show”

Rand Paul made his third career appearance on The Daily Show two weeks ago (you can watch the full interview here) and had a discussion with temporary host John Oliver about the Affordable Care Act (including a difference of opinion between guest and host), as well as mandatory minimum sentencing.

Here are the top five things Rand Paul said from his interview on The Daily Show:

1) “I call it the dinosaur syndrome. We have a lot of politicians who have really small brains and really big hearts, and they want to do what’s right, but I don’t think it’s going to work.”

– Paul on Democrats’ push for Obamacare

2) “The thing is, I think we all want more people to have health care. We all want more people to have insurance. But we think the opposite will happen. I tell people that, in Washington, people have good intentions. And I don’t really begrudge the democrats and I don’t say, oh, their motives are bad. I just say that what they’re trying to do, the opposite will happen.”

– Paul explaining where he thinks Obamacare will go wrong

3) “The market has failed in health care, but because of too much government, not too little government…I sold contact lenses within pennies of what Walmart did. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to compete. My patients would go to Walmart. Competition brings down prices.”

– Drawing from his career as an eye surgeon to explain market forces driving down prices

4) RP: “So really the allocation, the central allocation by central authorities deciding how to distribute health care is an inefficient way. I’ll give you an example. You’ve been to Britain? You’ve been there.”
John Oliver: [Laughs]. “I’m never going back I’ll tell you that. I’ve made my choice, I like it here.”
RP: “And you know why? Because you’ll wait in line [for care].”
JO: “No, that’s not why. That is genuinely not why. If I get sick, I’ll get on a plane and go back, because they’ll take care of me.”
RP: “They probably will, there’s special coverage for mental illness as well over there.”
JO: [Laughs]. “Well played.”

Paul gets in some good-natured ribbing while discussing health care with Oliver on The Daily Show

5) “Let’s say your kid and my kid went out, and one of them died from an overdose. It’s a mandatory 20-year sentence for the one who survived if they try them in federal court. No discretion, no discussion of whether it was an accident or anything like that, and I think it’s really wrong not to give judges discretion. I think many people are being locked up and their lives are being ruined and so I’m for much fairer and much less sentencing for people for nonviolent crimes.”

– Paul explaining his stance on mandatory minimum sentencing

Photo caption: Rand Paul chats with “The Daily Show” host John Oliver in this screen cap from the senator’s appearance on Aug. 12.





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