Third GOP Debate Highlights Power Of Paul’s Ideas

Third GOP Debate Highlights Power Of Paul’s Ideas

The third GOP debate was a blessedly quiet event. By now the public knows who is running, who the frontrunners are and who believes what. The time for insane blustering and posturing is past, and the race to prove who is more hardcore on what issue is over. We know who stands where. What we do not yet know is who will be the GOP nominee.

It is perhaps refreshing that this third GOP debate lacked Trump’s bluster, or Christie’s RINO style conservatism. However what is alarming is that Ted Cruz appeared to be making a move for Rand Paul’s voter base. Either he believes Paul is running out of steam, or he believes he can make a better grab for the libertarian-minded among the GOP.

However in a way this is also a good sign. Even if Rand Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination, the fact that a major frontrunner must now reach out and try to attract his followers means that the message of liberty, freedom and small government is being heard among the GOP elite. Revolutions sometimes take small steps that continue to grow, and if the freedom-minded among the GOP continue to demand reform then they will eventually be heard and get it.

Reporting everywhere focused on a few big names like Cruz, Carson and Trump. The biggest frontrunners have been established, but Rand Paul has become the real winner here. By having his ideas, his beliefs and his followers targeted that means his message has become so powerful that it can no longer be ignored. If the GOP is not willing to elevate Senator Paul to their nomination for the highest office in the land, the least they can do is to imitate his ideas and acknowledge their power.

Rand Paul has entered every debate as a man of conviction and reason. He has consistently supported freedom, liberty and small government. He’s gone head to head with some of the biggest advocates for massive government and proven his point. The third GOP debate is his vindication and victory. Ted Cruz wants the legitimacy of the libertarian-minded of the party, because he knows that those people are the moral backbone of the GOP. Without them, there is nothing left except corruption and the evil of big government. What do you think? Does Rand Paul still have a chance? Will his ideas live on and continue to shape the GOP nomination even if he doesn’t? Has Paul achieved ultimate victory after all? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter

Written by Steve Coffman

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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