There’s No Real Difference Between Bernie and Hillary, Says Rand Paul After Democratic Debate

There’s No Real Difference Between Bernie and Hillary, Says Rand Paul After Democratic Debate

While Hillary and Bernie were “revising history” in the Democratic Debate, Rand Paul was out adding a new, even blunt level of transparency to his campaign. In order to give voters a look at the rigors and behind-the-scenes action of a presidential campaign, Senator Paul livestreamed an entire 24 hours on the campaign trail.

The Democratic Debate proved to be little more than a race to prove who could be a bigger pawn to the big Washington machine, so Rand Paul’s candid glimpse into a day of his campaign proved refreshing.

Paul joked that Hillary and Bernie had such similar tastes in big government control that they must “even see the same hairstylist.” Given her husband’s penchant for expensive taxpayer funded haircuts, one would hope Hillary has more modest tastes in hairstylists, but I suspect not.

Rand Paul’s campaign shows the stark difference between two candidates fighting over how to best tax, and then spend massive amounts of money for free college tuition (a noble idea but one that will require far more public debate and study than is going on now.)

While Bernie wants to fund free college through taxing certain financial markets, and Hillary comes up with some sort of weird ten year plan that sounds like something a bunch of drunken Russian economists from the 70’s would come up with, neither address the realities of additional costs that still must be carried by states and students, as well as the potential impact to smaller private colleges, or the nearly predatory debt load carried by millions of Americans who already carry student loan debt.

Rand Paul doesn’t offer band-aid fixes that require other people’s money. He provides fixes that empowers the individual, gives a hand up, not out, preserves individual liberty and reduces the amount of influence that big government has over our lives. We got to see him engage in candid moments on the campaign trail, and even a refreshing bit of profanity that proves he’s as much a person as the rest of us, instead of a carefully scripted and controlled puppet for the big party bosses. Senator Paul deserves our support, and is fighting hard to turn the bloated ship of state around.

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Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)



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