There Is No Easy Answer To Syrian Refugee Crisis, Says Paul

There Is No Easy Answer To Syrian Refugee Crisis, Says Paul

The Syrian refugee crisis underscores the fragile nature of the Mideast and also lays bare a massive humanitarian problem as countless numbers of innocent women, men and children are left looking for the simple chance of survival amidst sectarian chaos that has devastated their country.

Rand Paul recently told CNN that “there is no easy answer” to the Syrian refugee crisis. He thinks the U.S. can continue to accept refugees, but that that there is a limit to the number that can be accepted.

He did maintain that one solution to ease the problem of wars in the Mideast is to stop arming people who hate America. This surprisingly common sense answer has often been ignored in the interests of trying to swing control to one side or another in line with whatever vague foreign policy goals were in place at the time.

WATCH: Rand Paul Responds To Syrian Refugee Crisis

The current crisis underscores the problem the Western World has with picking winners and losers in the affairs of other nations. Eventually the whole mess falls apart and countless millions suffer.

While immediate humanitarian aims are important, we need to be looking at the bigger picture of promoting stability in the Middle East. This can best be done by following Paul’s playbook of keeping hands off of foreign matters and tending to our own affairs at home first. In the last thirty some odd years the U.S. has managed to arm the Taliban and countless other groups that wind up turning against us. The old specter of the Soviet Union no longer looms, and terrorism would soon end if only the Mideast were stabilized. This stability is best achieved through hands off diplomacy and not handing out arms to any group that looks like it will be friendly without any thought to long term repercussions.

Paul has called for the simple solution to the Syrian refugee crisis of leaving other people alone. This is a time honored and well regarded method of ensuring that we too are left alone, and that paper pushers in D.C. aren’t overthrowing governments or meddling in the affairs of other nations. That is not the job of the United States, nor should it ever be. Our focus should remain at home, and to give neutral aid to desperate people who require humanitarian support. What do you think? Should we keep our hands off the Mideast? Have U.S. arms sales created the current problems? Should we tend to our own affairs first? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff



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