The Tech Community Is Listening! Will They Vote For Rand Paul?

The Tech Community Is Listening! Will They Vote For Rand Paul?

Rand Paul was one of the thousands at South by South West (SXSW) in Austin this past weekend, wooing the tech community with his stances on privacy, encryption and sweet nothings about those idiots in Washington.

Paul’s libertarian ideals coincide with the tech community on several issues: privacy, innovation, and new ways to work. Rand Paul’s making a real effort to appeal to what he’s termed the leave-me-alone coalition, says David Knowles on Bloomberg.

Paul knows that the Democrats have the advantage when it comes to the younger generation, he wants to desperately overhaul the Republican party and is doing so to an extent within his own campaign. Paul’s staffers are now co-working at the Capital Factory in Austin, although the owners have been clear that this is not a campaign office. Also, in stark contrast to several politicians who can’t even use email, Paul has a Snapchat and a prolific meme-heavy Twitter account for reaching out to the demographic that swings heavily Democrat.

So how can the rest of the Republican party counter that swing? They need to practice a bit more of what they preach, liberty. Stop assuming that their version of liberty, data collection, national security is correct just because they’ve been elected and listen to their electorate. Of course this requires some kind of back and forth, it would be amazing if there was a resource out there that could connect individuals across thousands of miles, at any time, with almost instantaneous conversation capabilities. Wouldn’t it?

The Internet rules, it is here to stay and it is mind melting that there are elected officials out there who have no idea how to use it. Eventually, all the technophobes and science-phobes have to come and learn what all this crazy stuff the kids are doing is and how it is going to affect them as legislators.

“Some people think tech is this miracle that’s going to transform politics and if you just know the secret tech code that you can get all these new voters. Tech is important, but so is substance,” Paul told the Austin, Texas, audience. (Bloomberg)

Will the tech community get behind a candidate like Rand Paul who has had the balls to come and at least try? Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter or below.

Written by Abezier Coppe; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)



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