The One Thing I Won’t Forget From The Rand Paul/Savannah Guthrie Interview

The One Thing I Won’t Forget From The Rand Paul/Savannah Guthrie Interview

Now that Rand Paul has emerged on the national stage, many are asking just where does Rand stand on various issues, especially foreign aid, Israel, and Iran. While many politicians say they’re going to reduce federal spending, for most it ends right there; it is just talk with no viable solution. But when Paul speaks of reducing government expenditure, sometimes he takes the really tough route and it gets controversial. Take, for example, the highly contested interview with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie.

Savannah Guthrie tried to claim that Rand Paul’s opinions about foreign aid have changed and demanded to know why.

“On aid to Israel, Paul said that phasing out all foreign aid ‘has to be done gradually,’ and ‘why don’t we start with countries that hate us, that burn our flag.’”

“Does he still think Iran is not a threat, as he said eight years ago? Paul replied that ‘2007 was a long time ago, and events do change over long periods of time.’ He said the U.S. should do ‘everything we can’ to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons but that he favors negotiations because he has ‘not been beating the drums for war.’”

“Perfectly reasonable answers,” writes Howard Kurtz on Fox News, “but they showed that Guthrie had been right: Paul’s views have evolved on some issues, and he was able to explain why. Had he gone directly to that explanation, without scolding Savannah, he would have avoided some bad press.”

(Sen. Paul openly admitted in a later interview with Megyn Kelly that he should have handled the Today show interview differently.)

Has the media mischaracterized Rand Paul’s views on Israel and foreign aid? Politifact agrees that the media (namely Kirsten Powers of Fox News) has done so but, true, it’s a thin line from what his views were before and what they are now. The key point to remember from the Savannah Guthrie interview however is that he still maintains that the United States needs to exercise extreme caution in any instance of sending manpower and money overseas. And if it is to be done, the countries that openly hate America should be the first ones to cut off from our payroll. Can you agree with that? Send us a tweet or join the debate on Facebook.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)



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