The ONE Question Dick Cheney Would Never Ask About Iraq

The ONE Question Dick Cheney Would Never Ask About Iraq

‘Are we at war forever?’ No, this isn’t the question I have in mind for Dick Cheney, but it’s one Americans need to answer. The renewal of conflict in Iraq brings us all to a familiar border and Rand Paul, like many others, are reluctant to re-live what happened the last time America crossed it. We all know intimately and painfully, as Matt Purple on Rare tosses out, that “the Iraq war wasn’t just another failed tax credit.’

Neocons like Cheney are jumping up and down saying ‘America must respond.’ In contrast, Rand Paul is taking a more reasonable approach by saying that our first response to a “foreign crisis’ shouldn’t be to immediately fix it, as noted by Doug Mataconis on Outside the Beltway. Instead we should ask is it really our job to be the world’s police? Can we even realistically fix what’s happening? Is it worth the blood of our sons and daughters?

“I look at it on a personal basis,” Rand Paul told Meet the Press on Sunday. “I ask, ‘Do I want to send one of my sons, or your son, to fight to regain Mosul?’ And I think, ‘Well ya, these are nasty terrorists, we should want to kill them.’ …If [Iraqis are] ripping their uniforms off and fleeing, if they don’t think Mosul is worth saving, how am I going to convince my son or your son to die for Mosul – another bad terrorist?”

And THAT’s the question Dick Cheney will never ask about Iraq: ‘Do you want your son to die for this?’

MSNBC political analyst, David Corn, on Hardball With Chris Matthews elaborates:

“’Do you want your son to die for this?’ We lost 4500 Americans men and women, over 100,000, maybe 200,000 dead Iraqis. There is a real exhaustion. … There’s a basic divide here between people who see war and foreign policy as a giant chessboard to move around the pieces — and I usually don’t agree with Rand Paul — but those who see it in human costs and advantages. And that’s what we’re seeing here. Dick Cheney will never talk about what you paid to get what you got in Iraq.”

Watch the rest of what David Corn had to say below. What would YOU ask Dick Cheney if you could? Comment below or send us a tweet. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates.


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