The Obamacare Exemption That Will Make You Giggle

The Obamacare Exemption That Will Make You Giggle

Have you heard this Obamacare joke yet? A new hardship exemption is announced. What horrible hardship would bring about this new Obamacare exemption? …Obamacare. I’m serious. Obamacare is now considered a ‘hardship’. But then again, any Republican would freely tell you this. Just now it’s official. (hehe)

Remember the “Like Your Plan, Keep Your Plan” line? If you received a less-than-friendly note from your insurance company saying your plan was canceled, you qualify for this Obamacare hardship exemption. Of course, the only reason your policy was canceled to begin with was because of Obamacare. Oh, and you can buy a bare-bones “catastrophic” coverage plan too if you like.

Or as Ed Haislmaier of The National Interest describes it: “We’re replacing your substandard coverage with our substandard coverage.”

Perhaps you’d prefer Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) turn of phrase instead: It’s a fire sale for cheap insurance!

Although ‘cheap’ insurance is a bit of a misnomer, according to Forbes:

“…the catastrophic plans aren’t that much cheaper than the regular Obamacare plans. In California, for example, the median cost of a pre-Obamacare plan on, for a 25-year-old male non-smoker, was $92. The Obamacare bronze plans cost an average of $205 a month. The Obamacare catastrophic plans? $184. In some parts of the country, the catastrophic plans are actually more expensive than the bronze plans.”

“…If you think that the Obamacare bronze plans are unaffordable, you’re likely to feel the same way about the catastrophic plans. Instead, you’re going to take advantage of the “hardship exemption” and go without insurance altogether.”

Want to try your luck with other Obamacare exemptions?

“There are now 14 ways Americans can qualify for a hardship exemption,” according to The Wall Street Journal. “They include homelessness, eviction sometime in the last six months, having one’s utilities shut off and being a victim of domestic violence. The full list of hardship exemptions is here.”

Given the choice, I would totally pick the ‘Obamacare is a hardship’ exemption. Could I get that as a bumper sticker too? This really tops the list of Obamacare stories for me and it fits real nicely next to the one involving macaws and turtle attacks.

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